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Want to start a podcast in a short amount of time, but not sure how? Start with our Basic Course and become a pro podcaster in no time! In this course we will teach you the basics that will already allow you to raise your sound to a professional level. Whether you're just recording your first podcast, or you're already a podcaster.

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Frank Schlieder
Frank SchliederFabrik für immer
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"Fabian is a smart sound designer of the highest quality, who has made incredible sound improvements to some of our podcasts. I'm glad they're bringing their knowledge to sound&go now, so that many more podcasters can benefit!"
Julia Steinigeweg
Julia SteinigewegJules & Julie - der Podcast zur Selbsterkenntnis
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"Thanks to soundandgo, we were able to significantly improve the quality of our podcast. This makes it super easy to create a podcast that people want to listen to"

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…we still have valuable information and help for you to bring your sound to the next level.

Are you already in the podcast business and want to improve your sound or work more efficiently with less effort?

When it comes to technology do you feel a little let down? You don’t know how to reach the next level?

The lessons to start your podcast at a glance

In the introduction, we provide an overview of ourselves, our expertise, and the process of the course. You can watch this lesson here for free.

To ensure customer satisfaction in future courses, we have a short Q&A session with 3 questions so we can get to know you better. This way we can better tailor future courses to you.

A short lesson that focuses on the benefits of professional sound. We will also ask you questions that will help you find out what level your tone is at.

If you have severe problems with your sound, have found out from our questions that your sound is performing rather poorly, we have a downloadable handout to help you solve rough problems super quickly. You can always use the handout if you encounter problems in new recording situations.

We introduce you to all common microphone types and polar patterns. In addition, of course, we also explain what a polar pattern is in the first place. In addition, all microphone types and polar patterns are classified. This way, you’ll know which microphone to use in the future, and not just in podcast situations.

Since the topic of microphones is relatively complex, we’ll give you a handout to go along with it. Everything is clearly summarized here. Ideal for looking things up!

The difference between the ideal and the realistic recording situation is often large due to budget constraints. We want to show you how you can close this quality gap without spending a lot of money.

The difference between the ideal and the realistic recording situation is often large due to budget constraints. We want to show you how you can close this quality gap without spending a lot of money.

The big buying guide: We guide you through the equipment jungle and show you what you need and what not. And the best part is, we categorize our recommendations into three budget classes so we can always find the right one for you!

Where can I make a cut and where not? What do I need to consider when editing and how do I improve my workflow? We will address these questions and many more.

What is the difference between editing and mixing anyway? We show you the basics of a good mix of your voice and the voice of your podcast partners

In this hands on lesson we will show you the most important tool of a good mix: the Equalizer (EQ in short). With the equalizer you can boost or cut certain frequencies, i.e. bass, midrange or treble.

With the limiter you can avoid clipping and distortion and you can adjust your loudness (see lesson 8.0). We will show you how to use the limiter.

Why are commercials often much louder than the movie? And how can you adjust your audio to the podcast platform with extremely little effort, without it being down-regulated after the upload? The underestimated magic word is loudness.

We all know it: The desktop is slowly reaching its limits, and now where was the final version I wanted to upload again?
We’ll give you a data structure you could use to keep track of it. We will also show you how to avoid losing your data even if a hard drive breaks.

Our professional experience has given us insights not found in any textbook. We have collected many of our small and big tips and tricks and want to share them with you.

Now it’s time for practice! A task sheet is attached to our Basic course. This way, you can quickly move from theory to practice and immediately apply what you have learned. Whether it’s working on our podcast exercises or your own podcast. Have fun!

The final test consists of 18 questions. If you pass the test, we will give you a certificate with the date of graduation and of course your name. Good luck!

More info

The Basic course is about creating a basic understanding of professional sound. This is how we manage to build up complex knowledge right from the start. Um dir noch gezielteres Wissen vermitteln zu können, wird es für einzelne Bereiche noch Expertenkurse geben.In order to be able to provide you with even more targeted knowledge, there will still be expert courses for individual areas. With this separation of the areas we want to make sure that you reach your goal as easily and efficiently as possible, without being overwhelmed by too many lessons or unnecessary non-applicable knowledge. After this basic course you can already start your podcast or take your existing podcast to a more professional level.

There will also soon be an expert course for podcasting. There are even more practical lessons and a podcast production is technically explained and shown from start to finish. If you want to be notified when this course starts, sign up for our newsletter.

If you still have questions or are unsure if this course is a good fit for you at all, feel free to email us at, we really look forward to hearing from you and will take care of your request.

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Still not convinced if our online course is right for you?
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