Hollyland Lark Max Duo Review - Test

From the outside, the Hollyland Lark Max* appears to be an inexpensive alternative to the DJI Mic 2 and has some similar features. But can it perform as well?

Hollyland Lark Max Test Review

Hollyland Lark Max wireless microphones in test: First impression and scope of delivery

We were more than pleasantly surprised when we unpacked the Lark Max. Not only because the extensive scope of delivery and the high-quality displays immediately caught our eye. But also because Hollyland does everything it can to convey a bit of an “Apple feeling”. The packaging is high quality, just as the case is. The charging case lights up, just like the transmitters and receivers, as soon as you open the charging case.

I was so excited that I quickly sent a video to my colleague on Whatsapp. But let’s put these emotions to one side: the scope of delivery also includes a windscreen and magnetic clips for both transmitters and all the necessary cables and adapters to connect the Lark Max to smartphones, PCs or cameras. Above average for the price!

Hollyland Lark Max Duo Test - Review Lieferumfang

Noise canceling, internal recording, receiver with display - what more could you want?

The Lark Max offers a few features that other wireless microphones in this price segment cannot provide. Firstly, the live noise-canceling function is unique, as it sounds really good (unlike the Hollyland Lark C1) and is therefore absolutely usable. For best results, we still recommend noise canceling in post-processing, as you have more control here. You can find out more about this in our article removing background noise from microphones.

Another really good function is the internal recording, as the transmission technology used with these wireless microphones means that audio dropouts cannot be ruled out. This problem can be avoided with the internal recording function. Transferring the audio files is very simple, the transmitter appears like a USB stick on the connected PC/Mac. Really good!

The receiver is also an eye-catcher in this price range because, like the DJI MIC 2, it not only has a high-resolution display, but also a touchscreen. In addition to this, there is a rotary wheel that can be used to operate other functions.

An alternative to more expensive models?

Hollyland has done a really good job here, because the Lark Max is both emotionally and rationally the best wireless microphone in its price range. Check out our big wireless microphone test with all price categories!

With this range of functions, the simple usability and the good sound, the Lark Max stands out and is an absolute recommendation. Sony and even Røde should take a slice of the pie here!


Good and clear sound, good connection over distance


Very good thanks to all cables and adapters, the transmitters connect automatically very quickly

Built Quality

Very good for the price, it looks well made and of high quality. Nevertheless, it is made of plastic.

Conclusion: The Hollyland Lark Max is our secret favorite!

The Lark Max also positively surprised us! Not only when unpacking, but also during our test, the Lark Max simply exceeded our expectations. It has all the functions you would expect from a wireless microphone and can even score points with extra features. For us, the absolute price-performance winner in the €250 range!

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