DJI MIC 2 Review & Comparison with DJI MIC 1 - Test

The DJI MIC 2* is the successor to the DJI MIC 1* and is celebrated by many content creators. But is the update a success? We tested both microphones.

DJI Mic 2 Wireless Mikrofone Test
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DJI MIC 2 Wireless Microphone Test: First impression and scope of delivery

When you take the DJI MIC 2 out of its packaging, two things are immediately noticeable: The robust metal charging case and the cleverly designed bag, which not only offers space for the charging case but also any accessories.

The bag is incredibly practical, as you can simply put it in your camera backpack and then be sure that you have all your accessories and devices safely with you. Everything looks high quality and secure. If you want to open the charging case, you have to press the button. This prevents unintentional opening. The charging case has a rechargeable battery so that the transmitters and receivers can be charged several times. Cables are also included

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The only drawback: Fiddly adapters for smartphones

If you weren’t a fan of the adapter solution in the first generation of the DJI MIC, you will also be a little disappointed with the second generation. This is because the interchangeable plates are still included to connect the receiver to a smartphone. However, the second generation can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and thus transmit the sound. A truly unique selling point compared to other wireless microphones!

If you don’t like this solution, you can still connect the receiver with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

An alternative to the Røde Wireless PRO?

The DJI Mic is often compared with the Røde Wireless Pro, as both microphones offer similar functions. The real difference is that the Røde can be used a little more professionally thanks to the lavalier microphones included and the timecode options. However, this does not mean that the DJI Mic 2 is worse, it is simply more user-friendly!

The price also plays a role, as the DJI MIC is cheaper than the Wireless Pro. We have compared all current wireless microphones.

Here you can find our big wireless microphone comparison.

Our review of the DJI MIC 2


The sound of the DJI transmitters is high quality, the 32-bit float recordings ensure that you have good sound!


We had no problems connecting the DJI to the camera with existing cables or via Lightning and even Bluetooth


There is nothing wrong with the manufacturing quality, especially the bag and the charging case are very well made and user-friendly

Conclusion: For us the winner among the wireless microphones!

The DJI MIC 2 not only convinced us technically, but also emotionally. During the test period, we were happy to record further productions with the DJI MIC 2 because it is simply user-friendly and we love the internal 32-bit float recording. With the bag, charging case and windscreen, you always have everything you need with you and can quickly record professional sound. The build quality and data transfer are also flawless. A clear recommendation for us! Our wireless king 😉

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