Røde Wireless GO II Test - Review

We put the Røde Wireless GO II* to the test and show what it can do. We have also compared it to other wireless microphones.

Røde Wireless GO II Test - Review Deutsch

Røde Wireless GO II Wireless Microphone Test: First impression and scope of delivery

When you unpack the Røde Wireless GO II, it feels a little unemotional. There is the transmitter, receiver, cable and windscreen. What catches the eye is the small, flat microphone supplied, which is quite sobering compared to other microphones in this price range (e.g. the Hollyland Lark Max and the DJI Mic).

There is no charging case, so there is no real way to protect the painted finish of the Røde devices so that they don’t get scratched. The flat case is not suitable for this and the lacquer finish scratches quickly.

In addition, you can’t charge all three devices at the same time without a charging cradle, unless you already have three power-to-USB devices. You only get three USB-A to USB-C cables for the power supply. The scope of delivery also includes the windshields for the transmitters and a TRRS cable to connect the receiver to the analog input of the camera. That’s it for the scope of delivery.

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Scope of delivery bad, sound good

Even if the scope of delivery is not the best compared to the competition, the Wireless GO II impresses with its sound. It’s not for nothing that this model was the first to be seen in TV documentaries and reports. The transmitters are a little large, especially with wind protection, but they offer really good and balanced sound. Røde has therefore focused on sound quality rather than usability. This is noticeable at first, but once you have understood the system and connected everything, you no longer have any problems with connectivity.

The Røde apps can support and change functions, which is really practical once you have understood which app should be used for which functions.

Rode Wireless GO II - All the important functions and good sound. What more could you want?

You have to admit that the Wireless GO II was a further development and really has all the functions that most users need. However, the market for this type of microphone has developed so much in recent years that it looks old again next to the competition. If you really want to use a product from Røde, you should take a look at our Røde Wireless PRO test, because this set has an even better scope of delivery!

It should also be mentioned that the GO II has been available since the beginning of 2021, so it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. We are curious to see if and when Røde will come up with a new mid-range model!

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Very good and balanced, professional sound


Good, jack input and output, supplied adapter for smartphones, Røde app takes some getting used to at first

Built Quality

For the price, we would definitely have liked a charging case. The lacquered look can be annoying.

Conclusion: Still the best wireless microphone?

Even though the Wireless Go is still the absolute classic in this segment, we would not be the first to recommend this microphone for purchase. There are a few alternatives that are less well-known but better and sometimes even cheaper. In terms of sound, however, most of them cannot keep up with the Røde. Here you can see once again that Røde wants to focus on sound quality.

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