Røde Wireless Pro Review - wireless professional recording with the new wireless link from Røde!

The Røde Wirless PRO* sets new standards as it enters the professional film sound sector as a consumer product. With TimeCode and internal 32-bit float audio for the best recordings!

Rode Wireless Pro Test Review

Rode Wireless Pro microphone test: First impression and scope of delivery

The first impression of the Røde Wireless Pro is almost overwhelming. The scope of delivery is so huge that you first have to sort out what you need for your own recordings. In addition to the main devices, i.e. 2 transmitters and a receiver, there are not only all the associated cables and various windscreens, but also two lavalier microphones or clip-on microphones. These are special because they are super small and still sound excellent.

The clip-on microphones also have a windscreen. It is also noticeable that the Wireless Pro has not one, but two cases. One is slightly heavier due to the built-in battery (can charge all three devices up to twice), the other is lighter. The lighter one contains the accessories. Both cases are really built in so that you don’t have to worry if it falls down or gets slightly wet.

Rode Wireless Pro Lieferumfang

32 bit float audio and TimeCode function

Two other impressive features are the internal 32-bit float audio recording and the TimeCode function.

We don’t want to go into too much technical detail at this point, but you can assume that overmodulation is much less likely with 32-bit float recordings. This is due to the greater recording dynamics that this 32-bit float recording brings with it. The Wireless Pro can record 40(!) hours in 32-bit float internally. The DJI MIC 2 (see our DJI MIC 2 review) now also uses this professional 32-bit float standard. We are very happy about that!

The timecode function is even more special, because with the internal timecode function you can synchronize several recording devices, i.e. cameras, drones and audio recording devices. This is done via a timecode that is passed from device to device via cable before recording. The Wireless Pro is the only wireless microphone that can also record this timecode! Very practical in post-production, because the sound is automatically synchronized with this TC metadata.

A real PRO model with impressive features!

Compared to the Rode Wireless ME and the Rode Wireless GO II, the Wireless Pro is really worthy of its name. It impresses with good sound, professional workmanship and a really good scope of delivery. Incidentally, the Pro model is the first Rode Wireless model with a charging case.

If you were to take this device to a film shoot, you would still be equipped with two minimalist channels, but you probably wouldn’t be laughed at immediately 😉

As the only model in this price range, only the DJI MIC 2* can keep up with these features, but if you use timecode, you won’t find it on the DJI either. Chapeau, Røde!

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The transmitters sound very clean, the lavalier microphones sound professional


Internal recording, the case is recognized as a data carrier. The only disadvantage is that you need the Rode software


High-quality workmanship, protective case, good scope of delivery

Conclusion: High-class recordings from YouTube videos to movie shooting!

The Wireless Pro totally picked us up on a very unemotional level. We enjoyed working with this device because it really has a solution for every scenario. It simply works really well! However, our personal opinion is that the DJI MIC 2 won us over a little more on an emotional and aesthetic level. Check out our wireless microphone comparison to find out more!

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