Rode Wireless ME Test - Review - affordable wireless link for content creators put to the test

As the cheapest model in the Røde Wireless series, the Røde Wireless ME* causes perplexity: Why does the receiver need a microphone? And do the microphones sound as good as the more expensive models? We put it to the test

Rode Wireless ME Test Review Wireless Mikrofon

Rode Wireless ME test: delivery and first impression

What is immediately noticeable: In addition to the transmitter and receiver, you once again get the all-round carefree package from Røde. All cables are included, Lightning, USB-C and a 3.5mm jack cable (trs trrs) for a camera. The important windscreen is also included. However, instead of a case or charging case, there is a small soft bag in which the TX and RX modules can be placed.

In our comparison in this price range, both competitors have a charging case, which is a shame. The lacquer look makes a good impression at first, the materials appear to be of higher quality. However, this surface scratches quickly and you can see every greasy fingerprint. It also reflects the light, so the transmitter can “flash” in the picture at the wrong angle. Apart from the charging case, we don’t miss much. The only thing would be an LED display with a level. However, the new Gainassist technology takes care of the level (with the correct setting in the Røde Central app). Nevertheless, we rely on manual leveling.

Rode Wireless ME Test Review Wireless Mikrofon Lieferumfang

Why are there microphones in both modules?

The Wireless ME is especially designed for content creators. With the Røde Capture app, for example, you can use both cameras simultaneously as an influencer and the person behind the camera can also be recorded. The receiver is then plugged into the hot shoe and the microphone is directed from the receiver to the mouth of the person behind the camera. You can of course use the transmitters in this way, but you can also buy the Wireless Me if you need a second microphone in rare cases. The receiver can then be connected to a smartphone in your pocket using a longer USB cable, or you can use an external microphone.

Feature or Work-Around? The Røde Central App

What we noticed in contrast to the Fulaim X5* and the Hollyland Lark C1* was that the Røde modules did not connect so quickly and easily the first time. With the Rode Central app, it then took a few tries. From then on, further connections were child’s play because the devices knew each other. With a USB-C to Lightning cable, the devices can be easily paired via smartphone, according to the plug and play principle.

An alternative for podcasters?

Some advertising texts talk about a podcast solution, but can the Wireless ME really replace a real podcast microphone?

For us, this makes little sense for two reasons: firstly, a podcaster rarely comes alone, and secondly, there are large diaphragm podcast microphones that can do the job better. What’s more, if you want freedom of movement, you’d be better off getting the Rode Wireless GO II*, which is a much more professional solution at an acceptable price.

Conclusion Røde Wireless ME Review: Small, compact and perfect for content creators

Rode Wireless Me review: If you’re doing influencer or UGC content or only need one transmitter, this setup gives you the best sound for the price! And if you ever need two microphones, then plug a lavalier microphone such as the Lavalier GO* into the receiver and record it in your pocket with a smartphone. We were definitely impressed by the good recording quality of the sound from the Wireless ME!

The compatibility is also good, you can record with iOS and Android devices via app, with cameras, as well as with Mac and Windows computers. The only thing missing is an internal recording function, which you get with the more expensive models such as the Wireless PRO*, DJI Mic 1*, DJI Mic 2* and the Hollyland Lark Max*.

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