Fulaim X5 lavalier microphone wireless test - Fulaim X5 Review

The Fulaim X5 is causing quite a sensation with its price and promised quality. Can it stand up to the competition?
Fulaim X5 Test Review Wireless Mikrofon Vergleich

Fulaim X5 Wireless Microphone Test: First impression and scope of delivery

When you take the Fulaim X5* out of the box, you notice the amazingly well-made charging case. The modules fit perfectly in the case and charge automatically. The case works like a power bank, ensuring that all devices are always charged. This is also practical in our test, as the Rode Wireless ME, for example, does not have this feature.

The display on the receiver and the broad compatibility are also striking. The Fulaim X5 lavalier microphone can be connected to a smartphone via USB-C or to an iPhone or iPad via a Lightning cable.

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iPhone 15 not yet supported

ATTENTION: According to many users, compatibility via USB-C with the iPhone 15 is not given. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

An alternative to high-priced models such as the DJI MIC?

The Fulaim X5 definitely makes a solid impression and easily manages to overtake the competition in this price range. In the Hollyland Lark C1 test, we mainly criticize the quality of the product itself and the sound is thin. In the Rode Wireless ME test, we criticized the lack of a charging case and the limited flexibility. The sound of the Wireless ME is the best!

The Fulaim definitely offers an alternative to models in its price range. However, it cannot compete with the more expensive Hollyland Lark Max* and DJI MIC 2* models. If you have more budget available and want to invest in quality, you should do so!

You can find our big wireless microphone comparison here.

Conclusion: Best price-performance ratio for a wireless lavalier microphone

When we tested the Fulaim, we were honestly a little surprised. We bought the product ourselves and it was not sent to us. We had rather expected a non-functioning Chinese product, but you can see: The Fulaim X5* really impressed! It has all the functions you need, is easy to use and sounds really good for the price.

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