Røde PodMic USB Review:
Versatile dynamic USB + XLR microphone for podcasts and streaming

Rode PodMic USB Test Vergleich XLR USB Kabel 2

Transparency: We were sent the Røde PodMic USB* by Røde for a test. This was a test model, which we sent back. Our opinion was not influenced by the loan.

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First impression of the Rode PodMic USB

The PodMic USB* makes a solid first impression, and for good reason. The PodMic has already proven itself on the market, as it has been available since 2019. Now the PodMic USB has been tailored even better to the target group with the new USB-C version. The USB connection not only brings practical plug and play into play, but also a headphone output with volume control, DSP and audio interface. This means you can use Røde Connect or Røde Central to apply compressor, high-pass filter, noise gate, gain and other “Aphex” effects to the signal before or during recording. These programs are compatible with Mac and Windows.

The monitoring works perfectly, the green LED light indicates that you are in “direct monitoring”, i.e. you can hear a latency-free signal. Of course, you can still connect the PodMic to an analog audio interface via XLR cable. So you are super flexible! Thanks to the integrated USB connection, you also have the option of transferring the system sound to your headphones via the headphone output. Great for remote recordings or conferences!

Super flexible is a good keyword, because: The PodMic USB has no tripod and no way to stand it up. You are only super flexible if you buy a swivel mount, such as the Røde PSA1*. There are also cheaper models, but you should expect these costs.

Scope of delivery - USB instead of XLR cable

When you unpack the PodMic, you quickly hold the microphone with a high-quality stainless steel speaker basket in your hand and a pop protection or pop filter that you can put over the PodMic. A fairly long USB-C cable is also included in the scope of delivery. This is super practical, as other companies often supply cables that are too short in this area. You already have almost everything you need for your first recording, the only thing missing is a tripod or microphone arm, as you shouldn’t hold the mic in your hand. This will cause low-frequency rumbling.

Rode PodMic USB Test Vergleich XLR USB Kabel
Rode PodMic USB Test Vergleich XLR USB Hinten

Versatile dynamic microphone with excellent sound quality

The microphone scores particularly well in two aspects: Versatility and good, full sound. It is quite low noise, sounds quite full and clean. Note that it’s a dynamic mic, so it typically has a fuller bass and slightly (!) less clean highs than a condenser mic. A condenser microphone typically has a sound with incredible clarity in the treble, you have to admit Rode, the PodMic comes close despite the limitations of the design!

You can find the differences between the two designs in our blog article on podcast microphones.

Because this model has a USB connection, you can also plug it into an iPhone or Android smartphone (with adapters) and record on the go or without a laptop using the Røde Capture iOS app, for example!

The perfect streaming and podcasting microphone?

The PodMic USB is clearly one of the new favorites in the field of podcasting and streaming. It is also well suited for voice or vocal recordings in the smaller budget range. Thanks to the plug and play feature, you can quickly select it as an input microphone and as an output in Zoom, Teams, Audacity, Audition and co and get started. So you’ve saved yourself the time of a complex setup. If you want to add a few effects in the Aphex Audio range in Rode Central, it works intuitively and is pretty easy even for non-professionals. You have all the features you need to get started, and there are even enough processing functions available for advanced users. A great answer to the slightly more expensive Shure MV7 (the link leads you to our extensive test)!

In our podcast microphone comparison we have even more alternatives for you if you are looking for a new microphone.

Audio examples (in german)

For the audio examples, we did not process the signal afterwards.


Without pop filter, without effects (USB)

Without pop filter, with effects (USB)

With pop filter, without effects (USB)

With pop protection, with effects (USB)

Conclusion: Røde PodMic USB

For the price of around €239, the PodMic USB* is great value for money, as you would expect from Røde. If you want an XLR and USB microphone in one, the MV7 from Shure* is your only serious alternative, which is already a little more expensive. This puts the PodMic ahead and is ideal for podcasting and other voice applications!

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