Rescue Audio - We repair your recording

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Make failed recordings usable

Something went wrong with your recording?

No worries! We will rescue your audio, no matter if it buzzes, hisses or sounds weird.

If you’ve had exclusive guests or situations, that can’t be recreated authentically, then you should consider rescuing the audio recording

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Many recordings can be saved!!

Most unwanted noise can be reduced or even removed completely without sounding unnatural or artifical.

Benefit from our experience

No, we don’t use free AI tools and grab the cash. Together we’ve collected over 10 years of experience. We use the latest tools to let your recording shine. The problem with AIs is that they only work well if the original sound has a relatively good quality.

In our basic course we show you how to ensure good recordings every time.

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Request Repair Audio now

Starting at 15€

With your information on the length, number of audio tracks and other wishes, we will make you a non-binding free offer. In the end, you never pay more than what is quoted in the offer.

If you are not sure, send us a request and we will be happy to clarify your questions.

How it works:

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Equipment podcast costs
Equipment podcast costs