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What our customers say

Frank Schlieder
Frank SchliederFabrik für immer & BAM Bock auf Morgen (german Podcast)
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"Fabian is a smart sound designer of the highest quality, who has made incredible sound improvements to some of our podcasts." "I'm glad they're bringing their knowledge to sound&go now, so that many more podcasters can benefit!"
Talia und Yasmin
Talia und YasminBusiness Brei (german Podcast)
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"Johann gave us many examples and useful tips, that helped us integrate what we have learned" Overall the course was a great experience and helped us take our podcasting skills to the next level. "This course is suitable for anyone who wants to start or improve their own podcast."
Julia Steinigeweg
Julia SteinigewegJules & Julie - der Podcast zur Selbsterkenntnis (german Podcast)
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"Thanks to soundandgo, we were able to significantly improve the quality of our podcast. This makes it super easy to create a podcast that people want to listen to"

Annoying editing work? Not with us!

We help you to leave a safe and professional impression.
Not only do we ensure clean and high-quality sound with the latest technical tools, we also cut stutters, uhms and other unwanted noises from your audio tracks. We are two sound engineers who have collected more than 10 years of experience. Podcast Editing is a piece of cake!

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Mastering inclusive

With mastering, your podcast is as loud as the competition, you’ll sound professional like a radio announcer.
We give your podcast a recognizable sound that stays the same from episode to episode. We also compensate for volume fluctuations

Benefit from our audio repair

Something went wrong with your recording? It hisses, buzzes or sounds strange?
With our expertise in Audio repair, we can fix it! Crackles, hiss, overdrive, hum, beeps, reverb and much more can be removed or greatly reduced in most cases! We repair your recordings and make them ready for your podcast.

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Request Podcast Editing now

Starting at 95€

With your information on the length, number of audio tracks and other wishes, we will make you a non-binding free offer. In the end, you never pay more than what is quoted in the offer.

If you are not sure, send us a request and we will be happy to clarify your questions.

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Equipment podcast costs


Equipment podcast costs
Equipment podcast costs